“My Boulevards” – Doug Suisman’s Essay Published in UCLA’s BOOM California Magazine

Doug Suisman’s personal and moving essay about his lifelong experience in cities and public spaces has just been published in the Spring 2016 issue of BOOM California. The online magazine is published by the University of California Press. The issue was guest edited by the outstanding urban observer Colin Marshall. His Notebook on Cities and Culture is one of the best urban blogs around. ... Continue Reading

Doug Suisman Reviews “Sustainable Cities” at USC


Bill Fain and Doug Suisman review projects for downtown Los Angeles

Bill Fain and Doug Suisman review projects for downtown Los Angeles in the joint USC / Washington U. studio

Doug Suisman joined USC architecture students and guest jurors for the 2016 final reviews of the “Sustainable City” studio, organized jointly by USC’s Andrew Liang and Washington University’s Linda Samuels. ... Continue Reading

Doug Suisman Talks Rapid Buses on KPCC’s “The Ride”

Suisman’s original design for the Metro Rapid system; shown here: station at Wilshire and Western

How do you make buses cool?  Doug shares his thoughts on Suisman’s original design of the Los Angeles Metro Rapid system with KPCC’s Denise-Marie Guerra. You can listen to the show or read the article here. ... Continue Reading

Gold Street / Bushnell Promenade Construction Races Towards November Completion

Gold St. construction May 2016

Construction of Horace Bushnell Promenade along Hartford’s Gold Street

Hartford’s one-mile GreenWalk is getting closer to completion with the construction of the Horace Bushnell Promenade along Gold Street, which is being realigned and narrowed for the purpose (photo courtesy Christian Lemp). The Promenade and its adjacent Bushnell Gardens will create a one-block connector between historic Bushnell Park and Main Street, linking the park to the Travelers’ Tower Square and the Wadsworth Atheneum. The project will create a continuous park experience, and represents the first expansion of Bushnell Park in 150 years. The green public space will showcase historic Center Church ... Continue Reading

Suisman a Finalist in International Competition for Public Space Design in Vietnam

Da Nang slice1463582309045


Suisman Urban Design was one of four finalists recognized in the Da Nang Social Cohesion Challenge organized by the 100 Resilient Cities network pioneered by the Rockefeller Foundations this past March.  The open call for proposals put out by the city of Da Nang, Vietnam, challenged designers to help bring communities together by revitalizing public space in its city center.  Suisman’s proposal, Da Nang PlaceMaker, is a public space furnishing and enhancement strategy that provides the city with a blueprint for a modular, scaleable package of urban street elements (fixed and moveable), along with strategies for combining them to ... Continue Reading

iQuilt Innovation Center Opens in Downtown Hartford

The iQuilt Plan took a different step towards realization today, with the opening of the iQuilt Innovation Center in the heart of downtown Hartford. While the iQuilt Partnership has been making small and large physical improvements downtown for more than five years, it has not had a physical presence on the street. Now, people strolling through Statehouse Square can spot the iQuilt storefront located on Central Row in the Travelers complex (with the space generously donated by Travelers). They can drop into the center and find out about the iQuilt vision, the progress, and the events related to iQuilt. Visitors ... Continue Reading

Doug Suisman on Public Radio about Downtown Hartford’s iQuilt Plan

 Doug Suisman joins key Hartford leaders on WNPR to talk about the ongoing efforts to revitalize downtown Hartford, through the efforts of the State of Connecticut, the City of Hartford, business interests, and cultural institutions, including the iQuilt Partnership:



  • Norm Garrick – Associate professor of transportation and engineering at the University of Connecticut
  • Tom Condon – Writes about urban and regional issues for the Connecticut Mirror
  • Michael Freimuth – Executive director of the Capital Region Development Authority
  • Doug Suisman – Principal of Suisman Urban Design in Santa Monica, California
... Continue Reading

Doug Suisman Discusses Hartford’s iQuilt Plan on WNPR

iQuilt Plan WNPR Where We LiveDoug Suisman was recently a guest on WNPR’s “Where We Live” to discuss the redevelopment of Downtown Hartford and Suisman’s iQuilt Plan. You can listen here: The popular show, hosted by John Dankosky, included three other distinguished guests:

  • Norm Garrick – Associate professor of transportation and engineering at the University of Connecticut
  • Tom Condon – Writes about urban and regional issues for the Connecticut Mirror
  • Michael Freimuth – Executive director of the Capital Region Development Authority.

You can listen here: http://wnpr.org/post/revisiting-rowlands-six-pillars-hartford-development

  ... Continue Reading

Suisman Awarded Great Streets Project in Burlington


The City of Burlington, Vermont has just announced it has awarded its Great Streets Initiative project to the Suisman Urban Design team, one of three finalists for the contract.  Burlington Great Streets is a $10 million, multi-year initiative by Burlington to develop a well-designed, multi-use, multi-modal downtown street network that creates a more vibrant and inviting pubic realm.  The project focuses on developing street design standards for all of downtown, on the redesign and construction of several blocks of Main Street, and a redesign of City Hall Park. Suisman was selected as the winner from the three finalist teams, which ... Continue Reading

Doug Suisman Honored With Golden Sparkplug Award


On December 10, L.A. City Councilman Mike Bonin presented Doug Suisman with the Pacific Palisades Community Council’s 2015 Golden Sparkplug Award. The award, presented at the Council’s annual holiday party, was given for Suisman Urban Design’s work on Palisades Charter High School gateway project. Since 1974 the PPCC, through this award, has honored those citizens who ignite ideas and projects into community action that benefit Palisadians throughout the community.

(photo by Luis Pazos at Cadet 3 Photography) ... Continue Reading

Doug Suisman on KCRW’s DnA With Frances Anderton


Doug Suisman was on KCRW’s DnA program with Frances Anderton to discuss recent shootings in Paris, Colorado and San Bernardino and how they have added to growing jitters about random attacks in regular gathering places. Will this impact the design of public space?

Listen to the show here ... Continue Reading

Wayfinding New UConn Downtown Campus


On the heels of Suisman’s successful design of downtown Hartford’s wayfinding program, the Capital Region Development Authority (CRDA) has asked the office to return to Hartford and help them connect the pedestrian system to the new UConn Downtown Campus currently under construction.  A series of new signs and maps are being developed for Constitution Plaza that conform to the visual language of the City’s current system but are flexible enough to be incorporated into existing infrastructure.  The information featured on the panels focuses on the new campus but also highlights other destinations along the way.  Implementation is expected to be ... Continue Reading

Transit Oriented Arts District


Suisman recently completed a master plan for Parkville, a developing arts district anchored in an industrial area of Hartford.  A key stakeholder in the area is Real Artways, a community based arts institution looking to improve its physical relationship to the neighborhood around it.  Most importantly, it was looking to establish an improved connection to a recently completed station of the Connecticut FastTrack bus rapid transit line.  The plan calls for a mix of uses including a range of housing types, gallery space, commercial space, public open space, and pedestrian linkages over the bus and train corridor to link both ... Continue Reading

Pali’s Interim Gateway Garden Complete


Shrubs and overgrown ground cover has been cleared to make way for an interim gateway garden for Pali High. This interim phase will set the stage for the eventual construction of a new gateway garden and pathway leading students and visitors to the heart of the campus. In the meantime, the focus is safety. A widened sidewalk and removal of some obstructions have allowed for a more generous space where the afternoon rush of students crowd around waiting to cross a busy intersection on their way home.

Pali Gateway Garden banner v2

  ... Continue Reading

Horace Bushnell Promenade Nears Completion


The orange construction cones are still out but Hartford residents are already strolling the Bushnell Promenade and loving it.  Two thirds of the promenade are nearly complete with landscape and roadwork still to be finalized  in those segments.  Construction of the last third which will connect Bushnell Park to Main Street through Gold is anticipated to pick up again in the spring. ... Continue Reading

Hartford’s Church Street Garage To Be Transformed

Improvements to the Church Street Garage in downtown Hartford are underway.  At the scale of the district, these improvements are intended to break down the mass of the structure while enhancing the foreground to downtown’s northern gateway.  The design also calls for a new rooftop sign and graphics welcoming visitors to the city. At the scale of the pedestrian,  wayfinding information improvements are proposed for the inside of the structure as well as wayfinding information at the various entrances to help visitors find their way through Hartford. ... Continue Reading