Revitalizing Los Angeles Boulevards

The Westside Urban Forum held a panel on revitalizing the commercial corridors and boulevards of Los Angeles with new housing and mixed-use projects. Doug Suisman moderated the panel, which included specialists in transit, housing, and development. ... Continue Reading

Theater Row in the Hollywood Media District

With much fanfare and press coverage, the Theater Row section of Santa Monica Boulevard in Hollywood was given a shot of publicity and a boost in visibility with the raising of 30 wayfinding banners. The opening ceremony, attended by city and state officials, highlighted the new banners and the more than a dozen theater companies on the Row. Together the theaters have more than 1,000 seats. Suisman Urban Design developed the revitalization and marketing strategy, as well as the design of the banners, as part of its overall master planning work along Santa Monica Boulevard. The client is the business ... Continue Reading

Staffer Admitted to Columbia Graduate School of Architecture and Planning

Daniel Windsor, a recent graduate of USC School of Architecture and a designer at Suisman Urban Design, has been admitted to the Master of Urban Design program at Columbia University. Daniel will move to New York for at least the duration of his three-semester program. He has worked on numerous Suisman projects, and will be missed. We send him our best wishes for success. ... Continue Reading

Urban Design and Transportation Course at UCLA

In December 2003, Anastasia Likaitou-Sideris, chair of the Urban Planning department at UCLA, invited Doug Suisman to teach a course on Urban Design and Transportation. Suisman focused the 10-week seminar on Bus Rapid Transit and Transit-Oriented Development. 33 graduate planning students took the class. ... Continue Reading

Suisman Elected to LA/AIA Board

Doug Suisman has been elected to a two-year term as a member of the board of the Los Angeles chapter of the American Institute of Architects, which is headquartered in the landmark Wiltern Building. Founded in 1894, the L.A. chapter is one of the oldest and largest in the nation. ... Continue Reading


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