Suisman discusses Arc plan at Seeds of Peace "Summit"

Suisman visits with young Israelis and Palestinians at renowned camp in Maine.

Seeds of Peace, the renowned organization which brings young Israeli, Palestinian and other Arab youth together in the neutral setting of a lakeside camp in Maine, invited Doug Suisman to its first “Leadership Summit” to discuss his work with RAND Corporation on the structure of a new Palestinian state.

The Summit was attended by more than 100 graduates of the first years of the program, who by now are in their mid-twenties and embarked on a range of careers in Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, England, and the United States. Suisman talk in the main hall was followed by a lively round of questions and comments.

Following the talk, Suisman had lunch with a number of the attendees, and then joined several focused seminars for further discussion.