As a collaborative studio that seamlessly integrates an interdisciplinary team under the umbrella of “urban design”, we thoughtfully combine our expertise and talents as architects, master planners, and graphic designers with those of landscape architects, lighting designers, interior + exhibition designers and artists.  We define and lead these carefully crafted teams to meet the specific needs of each project and produce smart, high-quality, sustainable and cohesive solutions for a diverse portfolio of local, national and international clients.

Master Plans

site evaluation + design
project phasing + sequencing
history + topography
urban context + transportation
open space programming

Color Design

architectural color palettes
graphic color palettes
paint renovations

Community + Media Relations

slide + image presentations
public meetings + workshops
media appearance + interviews

Site Concept Development

site materials

Graphic Design

project visual language
narrative panels and banners
logo + branding


support of grant applicants
testimony to officials + foundations
preparation of budgets + estimates

Architectural Design

building configuration + massing
new + renovation
exterior + interior
pavilions + landscape structures

Strategy + Research

process + scope
action plan
key decision-makers
historic analysis