Gold Street / Bushnell Promenade Construction Races Towards November Completion

Hartford’s one-mile GreenWalk is getting closer to completion with the construction of the Horace Bushnell Promenade along Gold Street, which is being realigned and narrowed for the purpose (photo courtesy Christian Lemp). The Promenade and its adjacent Bushnell Gardens will create a one-block connector between historic Bushnell Park and Main Street, linking the park to the Travelers’ Tower Square and the Wadsworth Atheneum. The project will create a continuous park experience, and represents the first expansion of Bushnell Park in 150 years. The green public space will showcase historic Center Church and its separate church house; Stone Field Sculpture by Carl André; and the Ancient Burying Ground, which dates from 1600s and is the oldest historic site in Hartford. Features of the project include a 30-foot wide mixed use pathway, new benches, and pedestrian lighting. Images of the project can be found here:

Gold St. construction May 2016
Construction of Horace Bushnell Promenade along Hartford’s Gold Street