Hartford Courant Praises iQuilt

Influential Columnist Tom Condon Explains Why He Likes the Concept.

Hartford, June 2009 – Writing in the June 21st issue of the Hartford Courant, Tom Condon, the paper’s widely read editorial writer and columnist on all things urban, shared his positive views of the Bushnell-sponsored iQuilt project: “The iQuilt is a plan to connect Hartford’s cultural institutions with pedestrian and bicycling routes running from the Capitol and Bushnell Park to the river, and then enhance the area with physical and programmatic improvements… Here’s why I like the iQuilt idea. It gives Hartford a theme–arts and culture–to rally around. “New England’s Rising Star” has been an effective external marketing campaign, but it doesn’t tell anyone what is here. The city needs an organizing vision, a reason to get excited. The arts make the city cool, enhance quality of life, engage the schools, attract creative people, make it a good place to do business. The iQuilt would bring some thought to planning the Capitol campus, something that has been missing for decades. It might also make it easier to bring more commuters into the city via commuter rail and busway. Also, it would get Hartford thinking about pedestrian-only zones, which are catching on in cities all over the world… The idea will be rolled out at a meeting Wednesday at 5 p.m. at the Belding Theater at the Bushnell Center for the Performing Arts. It is worth your attention, and you will enjoy meeting the planner.Doug Suisman… is very bright, engaging, talented and civic-minded.”