Burlington Great Streets

Burlington: Video

Doug Suisman introduces Main Street/St. Paul/Church Street businesses and property owners to the Great Streets Project, in particular the Main & St. Paul Street concepts.


iQuilt: Video

Fox’s The Stan Simpson Show

“Reinventing Hartford” through the vision of the iQuilt Plan is discussed in the Stan Simpson Show. Take a look!

“Hartford’s iQuilt Plan to Redesign Downtown Hartford”

Walking, culture and innovation- these are the cornerstones of the iQuilt project- a plan which will redesign downtown Hartford. iQuilt is in the early stages, but the vision of turning Hartford into a tourist destination is already in place.

iQuilt: Audio

“Development in Downtown Hartford”

iQuilt is featured in a discussion of downtown Hartford development on “Where We Live” with John Dankosky of WNPR. (49 minutes)

The Arc

The Arc: Video

The Arc – An Overview

For a quick understanding of the Arc project, watch this short video, which explains the Arc’s key concepts (8 minutes; at RAND’s YouTube channel)

The Arc

A short clip describing the proposed Palestinian infrastructure corridor highlighted in the Arc Project; Produced by KidzOnline.

The Arc – Featured on Alternate Focus: Beyond Recognition

This broadcast of Alternate Focus delves into the aspiration for Palestinian statehood and brings the Arc into the conversation.
For full video click here

The Arc on J Street

Doug Suisman presents the Arc at J Street’s first national conference and receives a standing ovation; the panel includes author Bernard Avishai, Palestinian minister Bassim Khoury; and Ron Pundak of the Peres Center for Peace (20 minutes)

The Arc: Audio
“In Search of Normality” on “Shop Talk”

Podcast with WAN’s Michael Hammond and Doug Suisman (38 minutes)

The Arc on NPR’s “All Things Considered”

News story and interview by Robert Siegel with RAND’s Steven Simon on the day the Arc project was first released (6 minutes; at NPR.org)

“Planning Palestine” on The Connection

A discussion about cities of the future in various parts of the world including Palestine and the Arc (27 minutes)

The Arc on BBC World – One Planet “Supercities”

A discussion about cities of the future in various parts of the world including Palestine and the Arc (27 minutes)

The Arc at the Milken Institute’s Global Conference 2005

“The Palestinian-Israeli Conflict: A Vision of a Prosperous Palestinian State” Introduction by David Pollock and presentation by David Aaron and Doug Suisman (50 minutes)

The Arc on PRI’s The World

Planned Rail Would Link West Bank and Gaza” Hosted by Marco Werman. First aired July 8th 2010. (4 minutes; at PRI’s The World)


Allegheny City: Video
Allegheny City

A look into Allegheny City’s past, present and future through previously existing planning. Produced by Suisman Urban Design.

Allegheny City: Audio

Allegheny City: Saturday Light Brigade

A discussion on the history of Allegheny City and the redevelopment of the area. Hosted by Larry Burger, 7/21/2007. (18 minutes)

“Unfinished Business” Exhibition

LA Forum: Interview

LA Forum: Interview

A discussion on the structure of the boulevards, and public space. (3 minutes)