ORO Editions will republish Doug Suisman’s classic, "Los Angeles Boulevard"

Suisman Urban Design is pleased to announce that in the Spring of 2014, ORO Editions will publish the 25th anniversary edition of Doug Suisman’s seminal monograph, Los Angeles Boulevard. Since its first publication by the Los Angeles Forum in 1989 in a limited run of 1,500 copies, the book has been much sought after and difficult to find. The new edition will contain the original content plus a new chapter on Suisman’s boulevard work in practice. Please sign up here [link] if you would like to reserve an advance copy. Be sure and read Los Angeles Times architecture critic Christopher Hawthorne’s front-page feature on Atlantic Boulevard, which kicks off his year-long series on Boulevards: Atlantic Boulevard. In the article, he writes: “Suisman’s concise and shamefully underappreciated 1989 study of the history and design of the boulevards…remains the most important take on this gigantic subject.” Suisman and Hawthorne drove the length of Atlantic Boulevard together during the preparation of the article, and Christopher is writing a new Foreword for the anniversary edition.