Hartford’s Church Street Master Plan

A new vision for Church and Main, where theater, commerce, cathedral, and college meet

The iQuilt Project is a culture based comprehensive plan for downtown Hartford. Two of its principal tenants are to enliven the downtown streetscape and to externalize cultural assets, bot of which are embodied in the iNSIDE/OUT program implemented in the Church Street Master Plan.  The master plan works with the building owners of 20 Church Street and cafe operator to give a fresh look at the building’s Church & Main Cafe to open up its lively interior to the outdoors on the plaza and the street.  The plan also proposes to externalize theatrical activities of the Hartford Stage Company, activate its plaza and connect it to 20 Church plaza and on to Main Street.  The plan also proposes a strategy that activates the perimeter of an existing parking garage and links Church street to the entertainment district of downtown.