Reimagining the Children’s Museum

The Association of Children’s Museums sees the museum as a new public square, with multiple linkages to the outdoors and surrounding community

What is the children’s museum of the 21st century like?  This is the challenge the Association of Children’s Museums posed to a group of international designers including Suisman Urban Design.  Suisman’s approach was inspired by the thought that: “a city is the place of availabilities – the place where a young boy [or girl] walks around and discovers what he wants to do for the rest of his life.” (Louis Kahn)  When we started this project, we asked ourselves:  What if the interactive experience of the children’s museum was, in some ways, only the beginning?  What if this was the first step from the inward-looking experience of the exhibit to an outward-opening experience of the district, the city, and the natural landscape?