Hartford 400: River Road

Barriers become gateways to the river, increasing from two to thirteen

Hartford 400: Midtown East Hartford

The land-eating “Mixmaster” becomes a new riverfront district

Hartford 400: The Hartline

A divisive freeway trench becomes a greenway for North Hartford and beyond

Burlington Great Streets Initiative

Burlington’s Main Street serves as an important gateway into the downtown, and a vital connection between the waterfront and the University of Vermont.

Bushnell Park North & Horace Bushnell Promenade

As part of the iQuilt plan, Hartford narrows a road to create a new promenade along a historic park edge

Tower Square: A New Civic Space for Hartford

As part of the iQuilt plan, an existing corporate plaza is transformed into a true public square, and a front door for a distinguished art museum

Reimagining the Children’s Museum

The Association of Children’s Museums sees the museum as a new public square, with multiple linkages to the outdoors and surrounding community

LA Plaza de Cultura y Artes Master Plan

A new cultural institution reshapes El Pueblo, the most historic urban landscape in Los Angeles

Grand Central Market Court

In downtown Los Angeles, a former loading dock and parking lot becomes a colorful landscaped terrace, with a view